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Quick Review: Vultr SSD Cloud

Vultr SSD Cloud HostingVultr SSD Cloud provide cloud hosting and storage solutions at an affordable price.
Registration and hosting/storage setup is very simple and easy. Payment options include PayPal and Bitcoin, making this platform practical for modern day user. Whether you want to host your own website, have your own cloud storage or test software development packages, Vultr have various operating system and application packages starting from only $2.50 US per month.

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7nm ASICs for Bitcoin Mining Might Be Here Soon

7nm ASIC Bitcoin MiningJapanese corporation GMO Group have announced they will be starting bitcoin mining operations using 7nm semiconductor chips.

Currently most ASICS used for bitcoin mining have 16nm - 14nm chips. If GMO can produce 7nm chips soon, bitcoin mining will undergo transformation as more complex calculations will be possible.

In fact, other companies such as Samsung are also investing billions towards manufacturing 10nm and 7nm chips. 2018 will see a revolution not only in bitcoin mining, but also in computing world in general due to development of these chips.

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Quick Review: CoinSpot

CoinSpot ExchangeCoinSpot allows quick and easy purchase of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular crypto currencies in Australia. Their website is quick and responsive and very easy to use.

Payment options include POLi Payments, BPay as well as Bitcoin and Litecoin deposits. Buying and selling process is simple and quick. New popular coins are being added every week.

If you are based in Australia and wish to invest in crypto currencies by purchasing them in AUD, CoinSpot is a great platform to do so. Click the link below to register.

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Segregated Witness (SegWit) is Active on Bitcoin Network!

It is official! Segregated Witness (or SegWit) soft fork has activated on the Bitcoin network.

SegWit will enable faster and cheaper transactions on the bitcoin network, allow for larger transaction block size as well as map an upgrade path for Lightning Network implementation and more.

To learn more about SegWit, click the link below.

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US Government Agencies to Implement Blockchain Technology

Due to blockchain technology providing tamper resistant and other features, US government agencies are looking to implement blockchain technology and bitcoin into their operations.

Pentagon and other government agencies believe that blockchain technology will prevent hacking attacks, theft of sensitive information as well as cut operational costs over the long term. At this stage, however, the implementation process of blockchain and bitcoin into these agencies remains unclear.

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Quick Review: Hashflare

Hashflare is another cloud crypto currency mining company offering bitcoin, litecoin, dash and ethereum mining contracts. They have been operating for the last few years and are known to provide reliable service and regular payments.

One advantage of Hashflare is ability to choose from a list of mining pools to maximise daily mining efficiency. Another advantage is ability to upgrade bitcoin hashing power in 10GH/s steps. This is an affordable way to keep increasing hashing power over time.

I would recommend starting with a sha256 (bitcoin) mining contract with an investment of $30 to $50 and keep reinvesting in small steps. To join Hashflare, click the link below.

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Satellites to be Used to Beam Bitcoin Anywhere in the World

Blockstream is in the process of launching a project which will enable to setup bitcoin node anywhere on the planet using leased satellites.

The project is already in the beta stage and is currently being tested in Africa, Europe, North America and South America. This technology would allow bitcoin network to operate even if internet connection was down.

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Russia to start Cryptocurrency Mining

Russian government is in discussions on creation of cryptocurrency mining centers. Currently, Russia accounts for only 2% of total world's bitcoin mining.

Electricity prices in Russia are only 1.3c per kW/h on average. This also acts as an added incentive to invest in bitcoin mining.

Russia has changed its view towards bitcoin since 2016 when they introduced a bill to ban bitcoin mining which was subsequently withdrawn.

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Bitcoin Price to Rise: $5000 US by the end of 2017

As bitcoin price passes the $4000 US mark, analysts predict that the $5000 price is highly likely by the end of this year.

The current increased demand for bitcoin combined with market's confidence in resolution of scaling issues are main indicators of bitcoin's price rise. This trend will possibly continue till the end of 2017 and the forecasted price of $5000 should be an accurate estimate.

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Quick Review: Coinbase

Coinbase are a digital currency wallet and transaction platform for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. They have close to 10,00,000 users and are the most trusted and easiest to use platform to access digital currencies.

I can easily recommend Coinbase to anyone starting out with digital currencies as well as experienced crypto traders. A quick and straightforward interface makes buying, storing, selling and sending digital currencies a simple process.

To receive a $10 bonus, register with Coinbase via the link below.

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Quick Review: Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining have been in the business of cryptocurrency mining for over 4 years. They are one of the biggest, and quite possibly, the biggest cloud mining company in the world. Currently, Genesis Mining offer open ended contract for Bitcoin mining and a 2 year contract for Ethereum and Monero mining with more crypto currency mining contracts to come soon.

I can highly recommend Genesis Mining as a cloud mining company if you are looking to mine Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. With a startup contract pricing of only $30 US, Genesis Mining are an affordable solution for everyone wanting to get into crypto currency mining.

Click the link below to go to Genesis Mining website. If you decide to join and purchase a contract, enter "RMX9qi" in the Promo Code box to get 3% off the purchase price. Happy mining!

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Recommended Hardware Wallet: Ledger Nano S

One of the more secure and easy to use hardware wallets to keep your crypto coins safe. It boasts user friendly interface with support for many crypto currencies.
It easily connects to a computer via USB cable and works with Ledger Apps (via Google Chrome apps). Ledger Nano S includes security features such as dual chip architecture, pin code, durable design, private key protection and is also malware proof.

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Australia to Make Bitcoin an Official Currency

Australian senators are pushing for Reserve Bank of Australia to make bitcoin an official currency. Both sides of politics (Labor and Liberal) agreed on the importance of digital currencies and indicated that Australia may be left behind if there is no action in the near future.

As digital currencies gain momentum and are quickly becoming a significant player in financial markets, Australia should be developing its own official currency and blockchain to be used on the market.

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